Naturally, this includes ensuring that third-party service providers, such as OpenAI for ChatGPT APIs, comply with HIPAA requirements. That said, I encourage you to contact experts as early as the discovery step. For example, our Vision-to-Traction approach implies that we follow and assist our partners every step of the way from the very beginning — […]

What we do in co-reference resolution is, finding which phrases refer to which entities. Here we need to find all the references to an entity within a text document. There are also words that such as ‘that’, ‘this’, ‘it’ which may or may not refer to an entity. We should identify whether they refer to […]

Particularly, that already in the 80s there was a desire and vision to give machines a soul and start conversation. In the end, the response is processed and delivered to the output generator, which then matches whatever the input was. Alongside the decipherment, a dialogue manager also runs to track the history and state of […]